4 outside-of-the box ideas for family game night

4 Outside-the-Box Ideas for Family Game Night

Family game night is a time to make memories. It’s for building character and learning how to win and lose graciously. One day, when your kids are grown, they’ll look back on the quality time you spent as a family — and start game night traditions of their own!


We all have our favorite games, the ones we’ve played a thousand times and still get excited about. But if you want to keep things fresh and fun, try these outside-the-box ideas that will take game night to a whole new level.

Opt for Larger-than-Life Games

Some of the classic games you loved as a child have grown up just like you. This giant 4 Connect in a Row is reminiscent of a similar game played by kids for decades. It’s traded the plastic frame to one of beautiful, smooth wood for an upgraded, adult look and feel. Plus, it’s big enough to be played outdoors at a barbecue or picnic or small enough to fit in your living room.


These Yahtzee dice are another supersized favorite (we call it Yardzee!). Players can split up into teams or play individually to roll the dice and rack up their points on the reusable score sheet.

Find New Ways to Play Your Favorite Games

Family game night is all about adventure! Keep your crew guessing what you’ll play next with games that can be played in different ways. For example, the simple yet addicting dice game Tenzi has a companion card deck that teaches you 77 different ways to play. Who knew you could do so much with 10 dice?

Choose Games with Multiple Outcomes

Playing the same games over and over can be comforting. You know the rules and feel confident about how to play. Plus, the more you play, the better you get!


But sometimes it’s fun to break up the pattern. Some games feel like a new experience every time you play, like this Gravity Marble Maze that puts your critical thinking to the test. Every game is a little different as you work on new challenges and learn to think like an engineer.


If you’re a logic game aficionado, puzzles like Rainbow Ball Elimination will keep game night going strong for months. Every game begins in a different way and the winner is anyone’s guess.

Think Beyond the Board

There’s more to family game night than a board, dice, or a deck of cards. Some of the best games are the ones that get your whole body involved, not just your brain. One of our favorites at Logic Games is our mini pocket flying disc. It’s small and flexible enough to fit in your pocket and carry to your favorite park or outdoor hot spot.


If you’d rather spend family game night indoors, invite a table-top version of your favorite sport to the party: ping pong, air hockey, foosball, bowling shuffle, bowling, billiards, and even golf!


Start planning your family game night with Logic Games — shop our collection and let the good time roll!