Boom Goes The Dynamite Card Game • Memory Matching Math • 2-6 Players/Deck • Family-Friendly STEM Fun for Kids and Adults

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AWARD-WINNING MATH GAME: Up for a new math card game for the whole family? Well, BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE is a popular math card game offering an exciting way for kids, tweens, teens, families, and friends to build their memory, matching, and math skills while having fun and laughing. Entertain your everyday with a critically-acclaimed and awarded numbers matching math game – 2020 Teacher’s Choice Award!
FUN FOR THOSE SCARED OF MATH: Mixing logic, focus, memory & basic math, this popular card game requires some strategy and a little bit of luck to win, so you don’t have to be a math whiz or a genius to play.
EASY-TO-LEARN (3 minutes) AND QUICK TO PLAY (15 minutes): Perfect for moms, dads, and even teachers to get their sons, daughters, and students to have fun while learning. This is also the perfect math board game for a classroom setting - an educational, tabletop STEM game that everyone will love.
TO WIN THIS MATCHING & COUNTING GAME: You will have to think fast as you race against the timer, outsmart your family and friends as you combine action cards, and hope that you’re the one that gets to say “BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE” | Fast, Engaging & Exciting 2-6 players/deck - the best card game for multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition.
AGES 7+ (though rules can easily be adapted for younger kids – preschool & kindergarten age) | 2-6 PLAYERS/DECK (add another deck for larger groups), ideal for the whole family | Replace those math flash cards with this exciting card game which is great for parties, sleepovers, vacations, road trips, camping and summer camp | Makes a great gift idea for any occasion (Christmas, birthdays, stocking stuffers) | Colors and decorations may vary

    BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE is a fun, family-friendly, math-based matching game with an explosive twist!


    • Use mental math
    • Race the TIMER
    • Think fast
    • Ignite matches
    • Improve memory
    • Use your brain
    • Blow it all up
    • Hope for some luck
    • Great for the entire family
    • Stocking stuffer
    • 3 minutes to learn | 15 minutes to play | 2-6 players/deck


    • Tillywig Award Winner for "Best Family Fun"
    • Mom's Choice Awards Gold Recipient
    • A 2019 National Parenting Product Awards winner
    • Hot Diggity Awards "Winner" for 2019
    • Winner - Seal of Approval - The National Parenting Center
    • Winner of the Teacher's Choice Gold Award for 2019