The Sacred Geometry Tarot Card Deck - Logic Run Games
The Sacred Geometry Tarot Card Deck - Logic Run Games
The Sacred Geometry Tarot Card Deck - Logic Run Games

The Sacred Geometry Tarot Card Deck

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The Only Way Out is In

Looking for depth and wonder?  The Sacred Geometry tarot deck is a new own interpretation of the classic tarot. In the deck you will find themes such as personal development, manifestation, wisdom, love and consciousness.

If you have big life questions, you can do an extensive legging. You can draw a single card for daily inspiration and contemplation. You can also put a card on your 'altar' or bedside table for a while. Each card has a different geometric image with a meditative function.

This map deck is a tool for transformation. Learn how to turn reactivity into creativity. From: 'Why am I having this?!' to: Wow interesting, what I can do with all this! 

The Sacred Geometry tarot deck helps you to find broadening answers within yourself. The only way out is in.

Contents: 96 full color cards + explanatory guide with all meanings per card and 6 unique leggings.

Janosh is an artist, inspirer and founder of the , after his spiritual side was touched in a group meditation, he began to see all kinds of images in dreams and meditations. Beautiful, geometric images in different colours, which he calls 'codes'. With a background as a graphic designer, he was able to recreate them perfectly on his computer. Each code was given its own name and meaning. They also have a separate effect on our subconscious.


If you stare at Janosh's codes for a while, you will automatically feel something happening within yourself. Experience shows that this is different for everyone. In Janosh's presentations this goes much further and you can go into a deep trance when the codes (accompanied by music) are assembled and disassembled on a large screen. Janosh calls this an 'activation', because it 'wakes up' your subconscious.


Over the years, Janosh's project has grown from local meditation evenings to large productions throughout the Netherlands. And now it's  The codes and activations still form the heart, surrounded by interesting literature, workshops and products with a special energetic effect, such as cards, scents, oils, stickers and water bottles. Everything to offer people the tools to develop themselves on a spiritual level and to guide them in their process.